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Saturday, 02 October 2004 A small introduction + setup guide to Encodingserver (a freevo package) Encodingserver Guide 1.0 What is Encodigserver Encodingserver is a Freevo package that supports the encoding of DVD disks and DVD-on-HD's. In the future, file re-encoding (transcoding) will also be supported. Currently Encodingserver requires the following things:

How do i install & configure encodingserver?

Download the package from the Freevo website under the addons section, http://freevo.sourceforge.net/addons/index.php?&direction=0&order=&directory=Plugins. Once downloaded you can install it by executing the following command: "freevo install encoding_package-30.tar.gz. In you local_conf.py, add the following line to load the plugin : plugin.activate('video.dvdbackup') . Encodingserver is now almost configured, but before you start freevo you should always start the encodingserver server part by executing the following command: "freevo encodingserver start". If you use an init script for freevo i recommend you add that command line to it. Your done configuring now. Usage Select a dvd/dvd-on-HD, then go to the title list (by pressing the options button). Then you can select the DVD Title you want to encode. Hit the options button again and choose "Encode this dvd". You then have a small choice of codecs and sizes (HQ is a multipass rip). For best quality use XViD because encodingserver will then try to selected the best resized resolution for the output file in order to give maximum quality (a bit like GordianKnot's resize thing if you know that, but automagically). After a few hours, the encoded avi will popup in your (first) movie directory. FAQ

Problems When you have problems, you can run the server part by doing: python /path/to/freevo/helpers/encodingserver.py debug . This will start the server with realtime logging to the console, so you can follow what happens. It will then also printout mencoder's output messages. You can contact me (den_RDC) with bugreports or problems on the freevo-devel mailinglist or on the freevo irc channel (#freevo on irc.freenode.org) For developpers IF there are people that want to make another plugin or a webserver extension that uses Encodingserver's server part, they can find a complete documentation of the XMLRPC interface i use here. The usage is pretty similar to recordingserver. Changelog

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