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Update as of April 19, 2005 (okay_awright)


Please read the Xmltv description. pyTVGrab is an alternative xmltv library and tv_grabbers written in python. It is almost 100% similar in its use to Xmltv.

Once you have successfully configured nxtvepg you are close to a working TV setup for Freevo. Please refer to the configuration section for TV_Channels to complete your setup.


From source

- Download the common python library named pytvgrab-lib-XXX.tar.gz and the grabber specific to your country named pytvgrab-YYY-XXX.tar.gz (where XXX is the current version and YYY a country specific abbreviation)

- dearchive and decompress them in a temporary folder (eg tar xzvf pytvgrab-lib-XXX.tar.gz -C /tmp and tar xzvf pytvgrab-YYY-XXX.tar.gz -C /tmp)

- enter the common library root directory (eg cd /tmp/pytvgrab-lib-XXX) and type python setup.py install

- then enter the grabber root directory (eg cd /tmp/pytvgrab-YYY-XXX) and type python setup.py install

- done!

From packages

Gentoo: none yet



Please follow the generic Xmltv help XMLTVGrab and perhaps the XMLTV<your_nationality> page if applicable.


Please follow the generic Xmltv help XMLTVUsefreevo.

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